What is Guerrilla Pizza Kitchen?
GPK is a pop up and event joint that serves naturally leavened (natural yeast or sourdough) pizza. Our dough is hand mixed, unrefrigerated and accomplished through an overly complex combination of intuition, individual effort and black magic.

We are hesitant to label our pies but the style is most akin to “contemporary” Neopolitan or pizza canotto. Our dough is softer, lighter and less crispy than you may be accustomed to. We aren’t traditionalists but our general philosophy is less is more. We lean vegetarian and are occasionally vegan, though we will always have one meat pie on the menu for those carnivorously inclined.

Also soup, big fans of soup.

Who are you guys?
Well, I’m Cam. Hello, there. And we have a host of other folks who come in and out making this thing run (you might have met a Blake, Jason, Chris, JP, Garrison, Doug, Derek, Scott, Amy or Dahlia). I’ve been in the restaurant industry for 16 years in both Seattle and NYC but started the pizza journey 4+ years ago. GPK is an extension of our personal ethos, politics, music, art and general passion and love for the craft of pizza making. It’s a response to the restaurant cultures we were raised in and the desire to do things a lotta bit different.

How do I get a pizza?
Currently we are doing events and pop ups at different locations throughout the Seattle area. The best ways to keep track of where we’ll be is to check our events page on this website, stay tapped into Instagram where we update frequently or sign up for our newsletter where you’ll also submit to various pizza adjacent rants and ravings.

Do you do preorders?
For the most part, no. This is for a myriad of reasons but primarily we don’t wish to use 3rd party reservation systems that demand a commission. In the past we have done preorders but it becomes too difficult to manage for our relatively stripped down operation.

Certain locations, depending on our partners, might have preorders or a reservation system – this is more common for other restaurants that are hosting and not for the breweries or bars you might find us.

Why do you always sell out/Can’t you make more?
For the sake of brevity, we kind of rely on the sell out these days. We try to keep our margins tight, with minimal waste and minimal staff so we can keep the costs of this pizza low.  Sometimes this means you have to wait a while or you might miss out but we hope the effort is worth it.

Keeping our product cost affordable is very important to us – our dough is 100% organic, our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced and prepared and local where possible.

We believe good food shouldn’t be available to a limited demographic.